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my millionth update of the day...
oh, i forgot. one of the first things marie said to me when she arrived was, 'i forgot to call you yesterday. i'm sorry.'
i didn't want to act like i had been counting on that, so i just kinda ignored her.
she added, 'but you worked anyway, didn't you?'
'yeah, at 3,' i told her.
'see, after that night, i wasn't even up by 3. so i couldn't have called you, anyway.'

at least she remembered, i guess... but she called christine all the time. i wish she couldn't just forget to call me... i wish i was special to her...

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Hey, it's Mike...thanks for adding me, I feel special! I will add you asap too! So you're a new customer service worker too? Boy, I bet we can trade some stories pretty soon... Well, good luck with everything-it's much better up there than at the front end, cause you can take breaks whenever you want and sort of take it easy-at least at mine you can. I sort of read your journal, but I'm going to read it more later-I loved what I read, since I can totally relate to it all! Well, gotta go to my college class, but take care.

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