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the check class
i forgot about the check class. or maybe i remembered and said it before but forgot i remembered. i don't know because i'm pretty tired. but jane said that i'm going to have to go to a class to learn to identify counterfeit checks. i asked if everyone else had to do that too and she said that marie still hadn't gone, and she'd probably send me and marie together. me and marie. see, just me and marie. no paul. no art. no kyle or alyssa or sam or anybody, just me and marie going to a check class together... i like marie.

i told marie about it and she already knew. she said it was in october sometime, and i said i have a vacation from work in october sometime. i said if i was on vacation, i'd go anyway, because without working here 40 hours a week, i'd be bored out of my mind and i wouldn't know what to do with myself. marie said, 'you could come to my house.'
i didn't know how she figured that would solve my boredom problem, unless she was going to take off work for that entire week too, but i said, 'ok. i'll live there.'
she said, 'and you can sleep in my bed.'
because it's always about the bed. she has a big bed. that's it. and then we can sit around in public, and talk about sleeping in marie's bed and how we like marie's bed, and if people look at us funny we just explain that i'm only jealous of her because i have a tiny bed and hers is huge, and it's ok. but when i say her bed, i don't mean her bed, really. i don't like her bed so much if she's not in it. if she's in my bed, i'd rather sleep in my bed. and if she's on the floor, i'll sleep there. but what does marie think about when she talks about me sleeping in her bed? i think i would cry if she was really just talking about bed size this whole time...