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(no subject)
for breakfast, i ate two of those keebler e.l. fudge double stuffed cookies. i wasn't really in the mood for the cookie, though, so i ate that first, from both sides, and then i took the two middle fudge parts, and rolled them together into this big fudge icing ball. it was delicious, and i wonder why they don't sell that... like quaker made cap'n crunch with crunchberries, and the crunchberries were such a hit that they made a new cereal called 'oops, all berries.' why don't they do that with cookies? everybody knows that the best part of a sandwich cookies is the middle. that's why oreo made double stuf, so you get more middle for your money. so i think the next logical step is to drop the cookie and market the middle. call it, 'oops, no cookies,' and sell it in sleeves, with each disk of icing/filling separated from the next by a little thing of wax paper, just like the kind they put in pre-packaged deli-style cheese. i don't know about you, but i'd buy it.