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(no subject)
today, some customer bought swiss cheese, and on the packaging it said 'new-with large eyes.' i assume that 'eyes' are the holes in the swiss cheese... so what, exactly, is so great about having bigger holes in your cheese? why don't they just write on the packing 'less cheese per slice' or, 'more air for your money'?

power bars are not that good. i don't think it's worth 2 dollars... candy bars are much cheaper, and they taste much better. i like candy bars. you know what else i like? smucker uncrustables. they're quick and easy and full of jelly, and i like jelly! they have grilled cheese uncrustables now, and i'm going to give those a try. maybe i'll try one right now. or i'll have some cinnamon toast. mmmm that sounds good... or a plum. did i just have a craving for something healthy? i must be losing it... i think i'm going to go eat now, before i start drooling on the keyboard (which is STILL missing the s key, by the way).