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i'm still a virgin, right? so if i never have sex with a guy, will i be a virgin for the rest of my life, no matter what i do with a girl?

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Because I have been with guys and girls I split virginity up. When I lost my virginity to a guy I was around 12. When I lost my virginity to a girl I was 20. But I'm a ho so...

Virginity (for women) in its most basic form, I think, refers to the breaking of the hymen. The hymen, if I remember anatomy and health class correctly is like a thin piece of skin or tissue like membrane (or something) that is broken during sexual intercourse. Traditionally with a man. Like back in the old days that is how they judged a woman's purity and whether she was fit to marry. Before marriage they would have a doctor come in and she'd have to spread her legs and prove she hadn't been deflowered. There was one case where the doctor was a pedophile and had basically been humping all the little girls in town for years but who would know? He was the one to make them marriage worthy.

Sorry that was a tangent. Anyway as we know tradition sucks and we now live by our own rules. So intercourse could be with yourself with a toy, or with Marie.

Speaking of marie say she came over and the two of you were fooling around and she started, well, fingering you and you felt a little pinch or extreme pain or nothing at all (everyone is different) and when she takes her fingers out there is blood a little drop or spot or maybe a little more. Chances are your hymen has been broken, or as my crude brother used to say it your cherry has been popped.

So yeah you have never screwed a guy. Never been raped or had a penis inside you BUT technically speaking you aren't a virgin.

But you are still a virgin to men. And if all you and she did was have her finger you by some people's standards you are still a virgin to women. So when you say virgin, like all other labels, you have several ways to look at it. Nothing is "you are" or "you aren't" anymore. It's all "well I could be if I looked at it this way."

But technical defitions rarely change much. And that was me being verbose...yeah


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