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i'm a dork
there's a message on my machine from my marie! she called while i was at the bank, i guess. the message was that jane wanted her to call and tell me that the check class is tomorrow, and to see if i could get to work a half hour early, so that marie and i could go. she said, 'so i guess just try to make it... see ya!' she sounded kind of sick, or maybe tired, (probably the same reason that she's not at work today) and the message itself wasn't all that exciting or anything... but it was my marie and i like my marie!

(marie called because jane doesn't have my new phone number. nobody there does. they all have the old number, which now belongs to lauren and alana, and i rather like it this way. if anybody from that place wants to get ahold of me, they have to go through marie, and i like getting phone calls from marie...)