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this is bad.
i spent my entire day with marie. we went to the class together, went to eat together, came back together, worked separately for about 10 minutes, took a break together, and then i went up and spent the rest of the evening in the office with her. from spending all this time with marie, i have concluded that i really think i love her. i just love being with her. all day long, i felt so happy... i love talking to her. i love it when we're sitting next to each other in the class, and she leans over and whispers in my ear... it doesn't even matter what she's saying, it's just that we're sharing something... i love it when she laughs, and i especially love it when i can make her laugh. i love the sound of her voice, and i love the feel of her hand in mine. i love it when she kisses my cheek, or my hand, and i love sitting close to her, with my head on her shoulder and her head on mine... she's just so beautiful and wonderful and i think i love her...