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i'm cross-posting this everywhere... i need opinions...
ok, how about a hypothetical situation?

you're a 21-year-old straight girl, attending school.
you spend a fair amount of time on your computer, you're pretty good with computers, and you know a lot about the internet, but you've never heard of livejournal.
your roommate (who is also your best friend) has been acting a little strange lately, and you think she's probably hiding something from you. (you've always had the same friends, but recently, she's added new people to her aim buddy list, and refuses to talk to them when you're in the room, even when they're clearly talking to her... she gets upset, and won't tell you what's bothering her... every time you enter her room, you hear windows being minimized... etc.)

so one day, your best friend tells you that she's a lesbian, and that a lot of the strange stuff you've noticed her doing has been due to her livejournal and her lj friends. she gives you a basic idea of what livejournal is, and then gives you a link to her journal.

and now for the questions:
do you go to her journal?
if so, how far back to you read? will you continue to read her journal, to find out about her day-to-day life, or is it just a one-time thing, to catch up on what you've missed? and what kinds of things do you (or do you not) want to read about in this journal? (i.e. do you want to find out about her crushes? would you want to know if she was sleeping with them? do you want to read about yourself, or would you be bothered by the fact that a bunch of strangers have been reading about and discussing your life, without your knowledge?)

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From what you have told me about your roomie I say this to you. If you give her access be prepared to make it full access or to go back in your journals and "friend only" whatever you don't want her to see. Not because I think she is nosey but because, as you pointed out, to some one who pays any real attention you have been doing odd stuff and that makes ppl curious. And curious ppl read a lot more than you could probably imagine.


(So sometimes you are there and just ignoring me huh? LOL thats funny)

oh don't worry, i'm definietly going to molly-proof the journal, and turn a lot of entries friends-only... i'm just trying to figure out what she can and can't handle reading (or what i do and don't want her to see, however you look at it)... like, i'm pretty sure she doesn't want to know that i slept with marie... but how would she react to knowing that i like (or maybe love) marie? what about all those terrie entries? and christine? would she think i was crazy, if she read 2 months worth of entries about me obsessing over calling christine, and crying over christine being gone? and do i really have to go through 2 years of entries?

(yeah, definitely ignoring you... or maybe i was sound asleep, and forgot to put up an away message. 'you ok?' is my christine-inspired idle message, which will come up when anybody sends me something and i've been idle for at least 20 minutes (and when it feels like coming up; it doesn't always work). but since you mention it, maybe i'll change it to say, 'no jay, i'm not ignoring you.')

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