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my new moral dilemna...
provided that neither person is in a relationship, and that you're practicing safe sex, is there anything wrong with consensual sex between casual acquaintances? my upbringing tells me that it's morally wrong to sleep around, and nobody ever says 'ho' or 'slut' like it's a good thing... but if it feels good and it's not hurting anybody, what's wrong with it?

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I dont think that morally there is anything wrong with it. Personally I am against the mixing of sexual relationships and friendships and that is because from everything that I have ever seen SOMEBODY always catches feelings. That is great if the other person does as well but that only happens in very rare instances and when it doesnt it causes a lot of problems with the friendships.

For example... Mir and Riley

Friends...Sex....Mir in Love....No more sex....Riley dating another girl...Mir still in love now hurtng tremendously....

From here on out Riley will never just be Mir's friend she will always be Mir's ex and that in lies the problem of mixing. The issue isnt of morality its of sanity.

The day I decide I will casually fuck a friend is the day I realize I dont really give a shit about losing that friend. That, for me, then says a lot about m friendship with that person overrall.


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