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(no subject)
noah is lazy. terrie hates lazy workers. noah and terrie don't get along. she treats him like a little kid, and he claims that he doesn't need a babysitter... but if you want him to do any work, he needs one. when i've been coordinator, i'll ask him to do stuff, but i don't keep on him... it's a lot easier for me to just ask someone cooperative to do it, or in some cases, to do it myself. terrie's not like that. she keeps on him. the longer it takes him to do it, the madder she gets and the more she bothers him, and the more she bothers him, the less willing he is to do it. anyway, one day a few weeks ago, it was really bad. noah was furious with terrie, and terrie was furious with him, too. they got in a big argument, and then terrie went home for the day.
when she left, noah (who is black) recounted the fight for aleesha and anthony (who are both black). he told them that terrie had 'made racial comments,' and that terrie hated him because she hated blacks.
aleesha and anthony have both known terrie long enough to know better than to just accept that as a fact... so instead of spreading the rumor that terrie hates blacks, they spread the rumor that noah said that terrie hates blacks. somewhere along the line, though, the 'noah said' became insignificant, and people started talking about terrie being racist, and how terrie discriminated against blacks...
terrie came in to work the next day, and discovered that people were saying these things about her, and she was upset. it was the first time i had seen her upset, but not angry or bitter. she was sad, and disappointed. i guess she was mad at noah, but mostly, she was just sad that everybody else had believed these things about her... i overheard her talking to jane, saying, 'you know that's not true! ask anthony, ask aleesha, if i've ever acted racist towards them. i have friends of all races... and fuck, i'm gay! i'm the biggest minority of them all... i know what it feels like to be discriminated against... why would i do that to anybody else?'
i don't know if she ever confronted noah about it. i know she talked to anthony, and she talked to aleesha, and they both said that they had known it wasn't true, and when they had passed it on, they were just making fun of noah, and they hadn't intended to spread rumors about terrie. it turned out that most everybody who had passed that rumor along had known it wasn't true, and after a few days, it blew over...

so why do i bring this up? because on tuesday, noah asked if marie and i were lovers, and when i told him that we weren't, he didn't look too convinced... if noah gets the idea to spread that around, nobody's going to know it's not true, like they knew with terrie. nobody could prove that it's not true, because it's halfway the truth... the scariest part is that i don't know how terrie found out that the rumor was circulating about her... what if i never knew? what if today, at work, everybody thought that marie and i were sleeping together, and i didn't even know they were thinking that? maybe i'm ready to come out of the closet, but i'm not ready to admit to sleeping with marie... and i'm sure not ready to admit to sleeping with her on a regular basis, because i didn't.

hopefully, this is just me being paranoid, and he hasn't said anything... but i HATE not knowing...