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(no subject)
oh, and that 47% in ee? it's still a 47%. i've got a's in my other 3 classes, but that grade just keeps right on dropping, and the more it drops, the less i care... but i decided that i should probably start caring, so i told teena that i was going to be late to work tomorrow, because i was going to a problem session to try and improve my 47%, and marie asked (this was before the whole sam incident), in concern, 'are you going to be able to pull that up to a d?'
it was the first time i had stopped to consider that... actually, i need a c- to pass, since this class is required as part of my major. a c- is a 70%, and right now, i have a 47%. i had just kind of figured that if i started actually attending the class, and if i went to a few of these little homework sessions, i would catch on well enough to pass. but a 47% isn't just an f... it's a solid f! is this going to take effort? i hate putting effort into school... and even with effort, am i going to be able to do this?