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i'm recovering well from my acrobatics. my hands are almost healed. well, not really, but they've scabbed over and don't hurt so much.

i spent all yesterday studying for finals. my ee final was fucking 7 am today, and that was early. and it was REALLY hard. i think i'm lucky if i got a 50%. but it's over. hopefully with a curve, i managed to pass the class, and for now, that's all i'm worried about. i'm sure i'll start freaking out if i actually get anything lower than a b, but for now, i honestly don't care. then i had one more final that wasn't bad at all and i probably did fine.

i've got a few more finals, but they're not until wednesday, and i'm sick of studying. i work today, til close, with christine, jane, terrie, and jim. i'm getting sad... i'm going to miss this place... oh well i think i better clean up or pack a little or something, if i'm not going to study. i'm sure i'll be back tonight with all the details from work today.


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