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(no subject)
ok, i'm not in bed because i just spent the majority of the past hour chasing a spider around the bathtub with a plunger. once i got that out of the way, i grabbed a quick shower and thought of something i meant to say.

demi moore is on the cover of people magazine. there's a big shot of her head and a smaller shot of her in a swimsuit. rashid brought the magazine up and stood in the low doorway and told me, 'demi moore is hot.'
i say nothing.
he asks, 'don't you think so?'
i say, 'mmm... sure, but we can't forget about my girl suveetha...'
he laughs and i laugh and he has to go help a customer and that's it.
suveetha (i don't know how to spell that) is the name of his brand new girlfriend. he saw me walking across campus with ruben, a guy i met freshman year, and ruben's arm was around me because ruben is a friendly guy. so our latest joke is that suveetha is my girl and ruben is his boy, and we have a lot of fun with that, just like 'under the table,' and 'malik is sexy,' and 'bad girls,' and 'first marie then terrie,' and everything else that we've gone through in the time i've known him. rashid and i get more fun out of one joke than the rest of the world gets from 20.
only he asked that demi moore question like he wanted a real answer... i know i've worried about this before, but it's getting to me again... he knows it's not just a joke, doesn't he?