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(no subject)
i hate c++.

i have no time.

but... marie hasn't forgotten about living with me. she came in today with her friend (the same one that was over the night i stayed at her place) and she told her friend that she was going to live with me, and she told me it would be fun, and she asked if i had looked at the book any more yet, and then she remembered she had the book. then a few hours later, she came in to work at the same time i was leaving. i told her i was going out to eat with my dad, and she laughed at how embarrassing it would be to go out to a restaurant in my work polo shirt. i went to lunch, and i accidentally took the keys with me. after lunch, i stopped at the store and gave them back, and marie asked how lunch with my dad was, and i said fine. i said i told him that she said she was embarrassed of my shirt, and that my dad laughed and thought she was funny. she asked, 'did you tell him that you were going to live with me?'
i told him that i might, just because i like to say her name. but i didn't tell him for sure, so i say, 'no.'
she says, 'oh... he wouldn't like that, would he?'
i don't know what she's thinking, and i feel kinda funny about this conversation, but i tell her, 'uhhh... i don't think he would care... what's the difference between you and molly?'
she looks a little uncomfortable and says, 'ummmm... i don't know...'
i know what the difference is. so does she, and it's why we're both so hesitant to discuss it... but my dad doesn't, and she should know that my dad doesn't know, so i don't know what she meant by that question in the first place...
she gets a customer. i call, 'bye marie bob!' and leave.

terrie amuses me. her cat is not dead.