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(no subject)
she called again tonight, just like last night, while i was sitting at my computer, working on the c++ that i will never finish by the time it's due, even without her phone call.

she went to see the apartment, she says. not the inside, because she figured i wouldn't want her to go without me (and she was right).
and the shutters and doors are green. yes, green. is that ok?
and there's some question over just how much the rent is.
and how long of a lease do we need?
and if we get a finished basement, we could live me, her and molly, with molly having the whole basement to herself, and rent would be even cheaper.
and who has a washer? or a drier? or a couch? or plates, or silverware, or pots and pans...

i just listen, and hear the excitement in her voice, and i'm excited too...
but it's different.

she's excited because she's moving away from home for the first time, living on her own.
i'm excited because i hear her voice on the other end of my phone.

we're coming at this proposition from entirely different angles...
it's not going to work, is it?