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(no subject)
today was my day off.

i did c++ for 3 hours.

i got a phone call from marie, and she was giggly and i was giggly and we were happy and i liked her like crazy.

i drove to the store, to see marie in person. she got a haircut. it looks good because it's on her head.

i came home. molly had arrived. i asked about her weekend, just being polite. she about bit my head off, every time i said anything. i took the hint and shut up.

i did c++ for a few more hours.

marie called again. i don't know why. it was a bad phone conversation because i'm bad at talking on the phone.

i worked on c++ but couldn't concentrate because i wondered if marie thought i was stupid from that phone call.

i drove to the store again, to see if molly was normal in that environment, and to see marie, because i was upset about the bad phone conversation and i just wanted to see her. she was outside smoking with jane and she gave me a hug from behind and called me her little debbie and rubbed her cheek against mine and it made that trip to the store the most worthwhile thing i had done all day. molly still appeared to hate me.

i went back home and worked on c++ for 2 more hours.

marie called again. she wanted to tell me she had brought up the living situation to molly, and mentioned that the three of us could live off campus. molly told her that she didn't wnat to live off-campus, but she was going to ask me about moving to [someplace i don't know exactly where, but it's as off-campus as you can get and still be on campus]. marie said that was all she wanted, and i should do homework now. it was an average conversation, but the hug would tide me over for the night.

i worked on c++ for almost 3 more hours. it's now done enough that i'm willing to forget whatever's not done, and just turn it in. tomorrow after class, i'll go to the lab for a half hour, write up a readme file and some documentation, and submit it before i go to work.

now, i sleep. tomorrow, i will have free time again!!!!!!! (i can't wait!)