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(no subject)
finally submitted the huge c++ project after class today. on my way back, in the 45 minutes i had before i had to be at work, i stopped in at udf to turn in my 2 weeks notice. (it's actually almost 3 weeks notice, but i figured i'd get it out of the way.) i got talked out of it. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRr i'm mad at myself... i wanted to be firm, and just tell her i was quitting... so i told her, and i gave her my 2 reasons: that i needed to catch up on schoolwork, and that i was going to need 3 fridays in december off anyway. she said she'd give me a leave of absence, and i could have off from when i was going to quit (nov 23rd) until january. basically, i get the whole month of december off. when i come back, i won't have to do 4-hour saturdays any more and i'll only be working 8 hours a week, and she understands that it will just be a trial period, to see how it goes with that and my classes, and that if i still don't think i can do it, i'll be quitting then... i guess that's good enough for now. i will see how it goes, and come january, i'll probably have to quit anyway, but at least i get my december off... i just wanted to quit... i'm rambling... i have to go to work now. i close, and then i have 8 hours between shifts and i have to be back there tomorrow morning. but after that, i promise i'm going to write a right long entry about everything that's been going on lately, and i'm going to catch up on my friends ljs, and i'm going to build timmy a head and arms and i'm going to download those mp3s i meant to get and i'm going to take some time to just think because there are a lot of things i need to think about...