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(no subject)
a brief rundown of the newest of the new, no analyzation, because i can't afford to sleep through classes tomorrow.

dana left. he quit and moved far away, to some other state. sunday was his last day, and i was in visiting marie when he left. his last words to me were, 'go home, debbie.' there's nothing like a warm goodbye...

terrie moved to drug/gm. she'll probably end up splitting her time between there and the front end, especially with dana being gone. the move was her idea. why? well, nobody knows for sure... but jacqui is the manager of drug/gm...
the other day, when jacqui was due to arrive, terrie stood on the counter to watch for her out the high window. when she spotted her, terrie exclaimed, 'look! jacqui's coming!' teena and i laughed. terrie asked, 'why is it that i hear bells ringing, and stevie wonder singing sunshine of my life?'
when terrie's shift was over, she went grocery shopping and left her bags at the service desk counter. she went upstairs and talked to jacqui for a half hour. when she came back down, she sings cheerfully, 'bye teena! bye debbie!'
i reminded her that she had 5 bags of groceries up here, and she said, 'oh yeah... i get in the presence of the wonderful jacqui, and i forget... i was up there talking to her... just talking, and maybe looking, yeah, looking, and breathing, ohhhhh she smells good, i could get drunk on that smell, yeah, every day of my life...' and she walks out the door (with her groceries this time) still mumbling about the beautiful jacqui.
so, hey, you draw your own conclusions from that (and if you need more evidence, i've got plenty). but when i've speculated to anybody that jacqui is the reason terrie wanted to switch departments, nobody's ever argued with me...

today i got a haircut. i'm still not quite sure how it happened, but my hair no longer fits in a ponytail... it's that short. i could almost be a boy. it started when marie wanted to show my hair to teena. she pulled out my ponytail and put my hair down, and they both agreed that it looked nice. then marie refused to give my hair band back. we wrestled for a while, but with hair in my face, and with teena watching us like we're crazy, i really just wanted to put my hair up. i told her, 'if you don't give me that back, i'm going to cut it all off so it doesn't hang in my face.'
she asked how short. i showed her how short it would have to be to stay out of my face. she said i wouldn't, and i said i would... i got the scissors, but she stole them from me and told me not to cut it. i said, 'well then either give me the hairband, or you cut it.'
i figured she'd give me the hairband. teena and marie both know that i'm impulsive enough to actually cut my hair, and she would just give me the hair band back. if she didn't, teena would convince her to do it. and teena was on my side, so marie started to give it back, just like i had planned, but then she snatched it back and pretended to cut the band with the scissors. somehow, wrestling to get it back, i ended up actually cutting the hairband in half. at this point, my strategy no longer worked... but i forgot to realize that. i said, 'fine! i'm cutting my hair off!'
the problem was, she had the scissors. so i corrected myself. 'fine! you're cutting my hair off!'
she said no.
i said, 'do it.'
she said no.
i said yes.
so she did. and after she did the left half, i realized that i had made a mistake somewhere back there, and that i didn't really want a haircut...
at that point, teena was in the upstairs office, i was supposed to be going home 5 minutes ago, and a line of customers appeared at the service desk. i went to clock out, but marie refused to let me go out in public looking like that, and made anthony clock me out while i sat in the cash office and waited for her to finish with her customers. it was a long wait. after almost an hour, teena came back, and stared at me for a really long time. then she took over the counter and sent marie back to finish the mess she had started. when she got a break, she looked at us, and said, 'if you were my kid, i would shoot you.'
'which one of us?' i asked.
she shook her head. 'either of you. both of you. you should know better...'

when marie finished, my hair was not even chin-length. i went home. molly did a double-take and spoke to me nicely for the first time in a week.
'oh my god. what did marie do to your hair?'
she doesn't know marie's schedule. she doesn't even know my schedule. she just knows that if i look funny, it's marie's fault.
so i tried to explain it to her, which wasn't easy, since i'm really not sure how i wound up talking marie into cutting my hair when i didn't even want a haircut...
but while molly and i were getting along, i showed her the apartment that marie and i were looking at. i said that if we could talk her into living off-campus, one of us could live in the basement and it would be cheap. molly said it would be sweet to live in the basement, but then added that she really didn't want to move off-campus. i tried for a while to talk her into it, and she said maybe, but i don't think she will... i'll get into that later.

marie called a few hours after i got home to ask if i had looked at my hair yet. i told her it was short. i also told her about molly's basement comment, and told her i wanted to see that place, and she said we could go tomorrow... so she said she'd call me tomorrow around 12:45 (which means i will skip at least one of my classes to wait for her call). then she said bye and it was a dumb conversation. i stink at talking on the phone. either that, or she doesn't want to talk to me, or mabye both.
if she calls tomorrow, i'll go with her. if she doesn't, i'll probably cry. and i think this living thing is becoming a game to her, just like the magic kisses, and it's not cool... but more on that later, too. for now, i'm sleeping.