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the apartments
i couldn't sleep last night. i was up forever and ever, just going crazy. when i finally got the apartments out of my head, for some reason, the man who made me cry (i'll talk about him later) popped into my head, and he wouldn't go away. that choked up feeling, like i was about to cry, kept coming back to me, right as i was about to sleep. i finally fell asleep around 5 a.m., probably.

i slept through 2 and a half classes. i made it to my third class and alana wanted to know why i looked so stressed. so we wrote notes back and forth for the rest of the period. i told her that nikki hated marie, but i didn't say why. when class was over, she asked, 'so you'll talk to marie tonight, right?'
i said probably (figuring that she'd probably call me at work to make sure i had put down the money).
she said, 'well tell her what nikki said, and just say that nikki wasn't sure that she was thinking of the right place, or tell her that nikki wants you to live in the same complex as her, or something else, so that she knows you're not for sure that it's true. you can tell her that it might not be true without telling her that nikki hates her.'

i thought that was a brilliant idea. why didn't i think of that? i could tell her that nikki didn't want me to move off campus, because she thought i wouldn't attend classes that way.

after classes, i drove out to the apartments again. i drove around forever, looking close, especially around the back of the complex. it didn't seem dirty. i counted people. i saw a total of 5 people around the apartments and 2 going into the leasing office. of the 5, 3 were white and 2 were mexican. the other two were both white. i think there will be plenty of people who speak english. i think nikki was exaggerating. the only thing i didn't know about was whether people would really try to break into my car...

i go into the leasing office, and talk over some details with the girl. she says that they try to control noise, and that if your neighbors complain, they'll do something about it. so hopefully, if there are drunks in the parking lot, they can be taken care of. the only bad thing is that the washer/dryer hookups will be in marie's walk-in closet. she'll still have plenty of closet space... but i'll have to go in her room every time i do laundry. i only do laundry 1 or 2 times a month, so it shouldn't matter that much...

i don't put the money down. i feel funny doing that without telling marie what nikki said.

i go straight from the apartments to work. it's a shorter trip than it is from where i live now to work.

marie calls, a few hours into my shift. kelly is super and takes over the counter so i can talk to marie, for almost 15 minutes. (teena would never do that.) i tell her what nikki said, and i also tell her how nikki contradicted herself about the place being quiet and then noisy. she said she's not sure if she believes nikki either, but now i've got her all worried... she said that sam (the girl) had told her that this was a nice place, and asks if sam is there now. she's not. we talk it over, and we finally decide that we think nikki's exaggerating about the mexicans. there may be a lot of them, but neither marie nor i mind mexicans, as long as there are some neighbors who speak english... and we're pretty sure there will be. the lady said that if we get signed up early, we can pick our place out of all the ones available. marie and i decide that we'll get in early, and then we'll make sure we don't get a dirty place. we're a little worried about the car thing... but we decide that nikki's probably exaggerating about that too, and that i'll go ahead and put down the deposit tomorrow. if we later recieve proof that cars really are in danger, being parked there, then we'll just be out $300...

i get off the phone with marie, and an hour later, sam (the girl) comes in. i ask her if she knew people who lived there, or if she had just heard that it was a nice place. she said that she had just heard, but asked why i asked. i told her what nikki said about the cars, and she said, 'sure, but it's not just that place with the reputation. our place was like that too, and so is the place down the street. it's just because there are rich stupid kids who live there. they get expensive stereos in their car, and then they park it and leave the face on, or they leave a book of 90 cds on the front seat, in plain view, or sometimes both. yeah, it's a little bit of a hassle to remove the face when you're parked at your own home, and it's a pain to bring your cds inside and back out every time you come home... but it's just something you have to do. when i lived down the street, none of my friends' cars got broken into because they all had common sense. just don't be stupid, and you don't have anything to worry about.'
i felt a lot better. i believe that there is an element of truth to everything that nikki said, but i think she exaggerated because of the marie factor. i think that this place will work out just fine... and i'm going to put the money down tomorrow, before i go to work.