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non-christine things
i put down the security deposit. i got lease applications and we have to fill them out and turn them back in, and until they get approved, nothing is 100% for sure. but i took the first step, anyway.

g came in to pick up her paycheck this morning, i guess. i asked one of the morning cashiers if she had been in, and she said yeah. i asked about g's fiancee. she said that g said nothing about it. she just got her paycheck, bought diapers, and left. diapers...? she says yeah, g has a kid. i wonder if maybe i misheard a pronoun...

alyssa is moving to the office next week.

rashid makes me smile.

i lost $30 when i went to pick up chicken that didn't exist. i didn't know the phone number of the store and i walked around to a million places to find a phone book or a pay phone. i felt dumb and cold and upset because my money was gone and when i got back, marie snapped, 'you took long enough,' and ran away to eat food with paul, not even appreciating that i got it for her, or caring that i was miserable times ten.

i have a midterm tomorrow. i need to study. i can't. christine christine christine is all my brain says. i have homework due tomorrow, too. i didn't do it and i probably won't bother. if i do it now, i'll just sleep through the class, anyway. is it bad that i just don't care about school anymore? (did i ever?)