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(no subject)
last night i needed to shower before i slept. i was going to do that at 3, but molly's alarm was ringing, so i decided to be polite, and to wait for her to get up and pee. she didn't get up. it rang again. i sent her a message. she got up and looked at it (i know this because she became unidle) and then ignored it. finally, at 3:45, she answered me: 'don't shower yet. i need the bathroom around 4.' at 10 after 4, she finally used the bathroom and left. i made it to bed a little after 4:30. at that point, i knew i wouldn't be attending my first two classes, and i figured i'd be lucky to attend the third. so i set my alarm accordingly (10:30, that way i'd get 6 hours of sleep. it's nowhere near what i need, but it was better than nothing...). at 9:30, molly comes home. she knows that i'm sleeping and she knows that the walls are thin... but she turns up her music, turns on the bass, and cranks it up. all i hear (and feel) is boom, boom, boom. i just want to get that last hour of sleep... but you can't sleep through that. it doesn't stop me from trying... but at 10:15, i finally give up and get out of bed, with a throbbing headache.

does that not seem slightly inconsiderate? when molly is sleeping, i always try to be quiet... maybe it's about time that i move out. maybe marie will be a polite roommate... maybe she'll take out the trash sometimes, or wipe the table. maybe she won't leave spots of jelly on the kitchen floor for weeks. maybe when we move in, she won't leave unpacked boxes sitting on the couch for over 3 months. i'm getting sick of it. i'm just pissed... i'm exhausted and i didn't turn in my homework and i'm going to do terribly on the midterm i have today and my head hurts and i have to work at udf and i'm hopelessly behind in schoolwork and housework and everything... i just want to take a really really long nap, like for a month, or maybe a year...