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(no subject)
so... marie is still upset. marie's mom is still furious. molly still is not speaking to me...
and as if that wasn't bad enough, my car got towed from udf today--while i was working. i was in the cooler. evidently, ron, one of the assistant managers, was drinking in the bar next door. he wasn't scheduled to work at all today, but he came over because he got tired of drinking. while he was over, he decided to tow some cars, because i guess he gets a thrill out of getting cars towed off our lot. he didn't think to ask the employees if they drove, because most of our employees don't drive. i was supposed to be off at 11. at 10:45, i brought some stuff out to the dumpster, and on my way back in, i noticed that my car was no longer in the lot. i ran inside and asked, 'where's my car?!?!'
ron was still inside. he says, 'oh no...'
oh yes... he towed my car. so, the manager on duty is some girl who's only been there for a few months. the 2nd shift manager already left and the turnover rate is so high on 3rd shift that they get nobodies managing... she calls the towing company. they cuss her out. she cusses them out. she hangs up on them, and tells me, 'they won't bring your car back here. you have to go down there and get it.'
well, i don't have a car. neither does she. neither does ron (but he's too drunk to drive, anyway). there are 4 3rd shift employees in the store right now, and none of them have cars. then there's me and there's austin, this brand new guy who ran register for the first time tonight. he has a car. ron asks him, and he agrees to take me to the towing place.
we get directions from a cop. we go downtown, in this scary neighborhood... and we can't find it. we ask for help 3 times, and we finally get there, around midnight. we go inside, and the guy at the window informs me that i can't have my car back. i have to either pay $105, cash, or i have to wait until monday, and maybe the manager of my store can talk it over with the manager of the towing company.
austin takes me back to udf. the cop gets involved. the girl calls again. no luck. i'm ready to have austin take me home, and worry about this some other time, but the cop says that i have to get it back tonight. if i don't, the fee will go up, and it's not a safe place to leave your car... something could happen to it.
so i call ron. he says to give him a minute, so i do. 10 minutes later, he calls back and tells me to go get my car. the cop suggests that i call to verify this, before i make austin drive me all the way out there again, so i do, and i get put on hold, but eventually, they tell me that yes, i can get my car. austin and i go down there again (it's much faster now that we know where we're going) and i get my car, with relatively no hassle... at 1 a.m. i was supposed to be off work at 11, and so was austin. we clocked out at 11... and then we spent two hours chasing after a car that our stupid fucking manager had towed when he wasn't even working. austin has to be back at 9 a.m. and i have to be back at 10 a.m. tomorrow is the biggest football game of the year and everything will be crazy... i have to work 5 hours there and 8 at the grocery store and i'm sick of everything.
(i thanked austin about 342 times.)