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(no subject)
i haven't been to a class in 4 days. i haven't touched any schoolwork in 4 days. yet i am still too lazy to do my homework (due tomorrow, at 10 a.m.). not only that, but i'm also too lazy to even copy alana's homework... it's 3 pages of work. that's too much effort for me, at this time of night... i'm sleepy. later, i'll write about my name tags, terrie and the quarter (and all that other terrie stuff), marie and the gloves, noah and the marie-haters, and other work stories. for now, i'm sleeping.

oh, but i can't sleep without mentioning the good thing of the day:
i caught some guy writing a bad check. i just had this feeling... i got his fingerprint and took his id and check and brought it back to the office. every other time, there's been somebody else back there to take it from there. today, i was by myself. i called amit to help me, but he thought i wanted help getting the line down (it was long) and went straight to the counter, so i stood there with the check for a while, trying to figure out how that bank verification thing works, and the guy ran away. so the cops didn't get him, but at least i knew enough to figure out that the check was bad, and didn't cash it. i'm getting good...