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(no subject)
i'm going home tomorrow morning (or actually, today, in less than 5 hours). i'll eat dinner with my family, and then my dad, my sister, and i are going to my grandparents' place. we'll stay there thursday night, and do the whole day-after-thanksgiving shopping thing on friday. (i hate shopping, but i'm a good sport, and i need to get some christmas presents anyway.) we'll stay there friday night, drive back to my parents' place saturday morning, and then i'll leave from there to come back here. saturday, i work at 5. so it's ok that my last journal entry was about 32 miles long, because i won't make another one for a few days.

going home is a good thing. i need to get away from marie and this job and my silent roommate, even if it's just for a few days. besides, i miss my sister.

it's also a bad thing, though. i have trouble remembering all the truths that i can't tell. i have to remember, for the next two days:
i never walked to or from work, before i had a car.
i've never worked at udf.
i only work about 20 hours a week, total.
i never skip classes, and when it comes to school, i am absolutely giving it my best effort.
i am a christian, and i've never thought to question it.
i don't own a gamecube. the only shoes i own are the ones i brought home. i don't have an ebay account. i never waste money.
i'm not gay. i like boys. in fact, i want to date a boy. pick a boy... rashid? sure. for the next two days, i am hoping to date rashid.
i don't like marie as anything more than a friend, and i don't have any sort of strange obsession with terrie, just rashid. any time i get the urge to bring up one of those two (i get those urges all the time...), i'll just talk about rashid.

i think that's about all. now i just let that soak in, take a deep breath, go home, and make them believe a bunch of lies without ever telling a lie.