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catching up... friday
we (aunt, grandparents, dad, fly, and me) shopped for 13 hours. actually, fly shopped for 13 hours. i followed her around patiently for about 5 hours, and then i got mighty impatient. i think i'm going to buy a game boy advance, so next year, i'll have a way to entertain myself, because i don't deal well with boredom.

the good thing of friday:
i got a lot of my xmas shopping out of the way. i got presents for nikki, katie, my mom, and my brother. i still have to get stuff for my dad, fly, and probably marie. maybe alana and lauren, too. i would get something for rashid, but do you give christmas presents to people who don't celebrate christmas? indians don't, do they?

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"do you give christmas presents to people who don't celebrate christmas? indians don't, do they?"

It depends. Whether peeps celebrate Xmas tends to relate to their religion and culture. I'm guessing (by his name) that Rashid is a Muslim, so he shouldn't celebrate it... But I know that a lot of people who call themselves Muslims still do celebrate it (and do other things they're not allowed to). The only way you can know for sure is by asking him.

Also, being Indian does not necessarily imply a certain set of beliefs. Indian has 3 major religions amongst its people: some follow Islam, some Sikhism and some Hiduism. There are also Christians and probably Buddhists too. So an Indian Christian will celebrate Christmas... But an Indian Muslim or Sikh or Hindu shouldn't (but still might).

Hope that clears things up :P


yeah, thanks, it does clear things up. well, not completely, since i still don't know if he celebrates christmas... but they're as clear as they'll get until i ask him...

(what's chrimbo? is that a real word?)

Chrimbo... Slang word over here for Christmas. Not real in the Oxford Dictionary sense, but real enough :P

Scrap that, just checked the New OED (I have the huuuuge new version) and apparently it's a British word dating back to the 80s - calls it a child's variation on the word Christmas.

Go forth, and tell everyone about Chrimbo ;)

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