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holy shit
ok, i was a little hungry, so i thought i'd have a little midnight snack, before i went to bed... while i was eating, i read the package labels... i ate:
1 smuckers uncrustable (12% recommended daily value of fat)
1 sandwich containing: 1 sandwich bun (3%)
4 slices of bologna (12%*4 slices=48%)
2 slices of colby longhorn cheese (17%*2=34%)
1 large glass of 2% milk (8%)
at least one serving of cashews (23%)

add that up. 12+3+48+34+8+23=128%

one hundred and twenty-eight percent of my recommended daily fat intake... all in one snack! i eat at least 3 snacks a day, usually about that healthy... that means i'm eating nearly 4 times the amount of fat i'm supposed to be eating! i know it's not showing on my body, but what if it's clogging my arteries? isn't that what fat can do? i feel sick just thinking about it... i'm going all hypochondriac on myself because i swear, i can feel my arteries constricting! never again. i'm never eating bologna or cheese. i'm eating apples and carrots and slim-fast for the rest of my life. i need to go do some jumping-jacks right now. must. burn. fat.