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(no subject)
i woke up and went to work. i was supposed to be covering a 6-hour shift, but i ended up staying the full 8, because some girl got fired and i covered part of her shift too.

rashid called me at work. i talked to him for 5 or 10 minutes while i ran self-check.

i spent a while in the meat department. i taught myself how to make signs (which impressed jacqui). i ran self-check and helped out in the office. terrie was coordinator and she let me do all the odd jobs, which made me happy. she even talked to ann, so i could get some overtime, since one of our cashiers said she'd be late, but she ended up coming on time, so i went home.

then came the good thing of the day: marie called, just to talk. it was the first time she's called me since the whole apartment thing went down, and i had thought that maybe she wouldn't ever call me again, now that we weren't going to live together... but she called and i was happy.

rashid called a few minutes later, and i talked to him for a while, and then i sat down and did my stats homework. i decided against doing my other homework. it's due in my 4th class of the day, so as long as i attend all 4 classes, i'll have plenty of time to work on it in the first 3.

i'm going to bed.