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(no subject)
my family is gone for the next 35 minutes. i gotta make this quick. i woke up early just to update. you know i'm addicted...

so here's what's new, in my best attempt at chronological order:

first, i got my grades. i got a 3.41, which gives me a cumulative gpa of 3.70. a 3.41 is a perfectly respectable gradepoint average, but i'm pretty upset with it. not becuase of the actual number, but becuase the main thing that brought it down was a b in my programming class. it was an easy class, and i should have had an a. the class was 5 days a week and i was lucky to average 1 day a week. it was so easy... i wouldn't have even had to study or anything. all i had to do was go to class, half pay attention, and i would have absorbed enough information to do better on the final.

jim emailed me. i got his email late wednesday night, and since i was going to columbus thursday morning, i decided not to respond quite yet. i didn't want to tell him i was coming, but i thought it would be weird to reply and not mention it, especially if he found out that i was there.

i got up early thursday and cindy and i went to columbus. we practically drove past big bear on our way to abby's, but i neglected to mention that, and cindy doesn't know columbus well enough to figure that out. we hung out with abby all morning, and around 4, we went to get nikki from her apartment becuase she was supposed to do something with us that evening. we decided to go shopping, but i said we should probably get my paycheck first, and made up some excuse about why there's no way i could get it friday morning before we left. something about the hours of the service desk. they don't know, and i know they won't remember what i said to check up on me.

we got there and i ran in to get it quickly. unfortunately, the line was really long, and christine was the only one back there. when i got in, i noticed jim, wandering the front end. his back was to me, so it took him a minute to notice me, but the second he did, he came over to see me. anthony saw me and came over too, though. jim mentioned that molly had told him that i would be in today. that sounds like something molly would do... i wonder if he was just waiting up here to make sure he didn't miss me. he sure wasn't doing anything. for the next 5 minutes, neither him nor anthony did anything. they just talked to me. i don't know why anthony was there, because he didn't talk to me that much when i worked there, but i sure wasn't complaining. it kept jim from getting too personal, asking about the email, a date, anything like that. then ann came walking by and cast them a dirty look, so they shuffled off to do some work, leaving 2 customers between me and christine. i watched her. i missed her sooo much... i missed everything about her. i listen to her deal with the customers, just like always. she's quick and buisnesslike, not friendly at all. if i were a customer, i probably wouldn't like her very much. i'm not a customer. i like her a lot. she answers the phone and calls over the intercom who it's for. i miss hearing her voice over the intercom. i miss the way you can see the lines from the tank top she's wearing under her shirt when she stretches for something. i miss her hands. i miss the purposeful way she walks around behind that service desk. i miss the piece of skin beneath her neck, where i long to rest my head. i miss christine. she finishes up with the first customer. the second guy needs something easy and as she's finishing up with him, she notices me (or chooses to acknowledge me, i'm not sure which), and her straight face breaks into a bright smile. she says cheerfully 'hi loser!' i reply brightly 'good morning!' she laughs and so does the customer. i realize that it's almost 5, and correct myself-'i mean hi.' they both laugh. she gives him his change and he leaves. she goes to get my paycheck and asks how my finals ended up. i told her 'not so good-i got a 3.4.' she says that's way better than she ever did when she was in school. i didn't mean the 3.4 wasn't good... i try to explain 'yeah, but i should have done better.' that's what bothers me; it's not really the 3.4. i hope i don't sound snobby. i don't know how else to explain it. am i being stuck-up? does it sound like i think i'm better than her? i don't mean to at all... i hope she doesn't think that... she asks 'you know how you could have done better?' as she hands me my paycheck.
'go to class?' i suggest.
'that's right!' she answers.
i tell her yeah, i know, and i'm definitely going to go in the fall. she laughs. she's heard that before. this time i mean it. i hope. i'm walking away, without saying goodbye, because i am 7 and i don't know how. she calls after me 'enjoy your summer!' and i tell her 'you too,' and am amazing proud of myself for having the common sense to answer that with a normal phrase. then i get out to the car where some impatient friends are waiting. i am apologetic, but i am too excited from my encounter with christine to feel too bad. i saw christine. i talked to christine. god, i missed christine...

cindy's hot friend stephanie met us partway through the evening. i was taking a break in one of those big armchairs at abercrombie becuase i am not a very good shopper. i don't have the patience. when i go shopping to buy something, i buy it immediately and leave. i don't like to go shopping when i don't need to buy anything, but that seems to be half of america's favorite pastime-shopping for nothing-so i tag along and act interested so i don't spoil their fun. anyway, they were taking a particularly long time, so i sat down. the other chair and couch were taken by a mom and a bunch of kids, so stephanie finished shopping, came over to me, and sat on the arm of my chair. then she started talking to me. being that close to a hot girl makes me nervous... i was 7. it's ok. i don't really care what she thinks, and cindy informs me that she thinks i'm a 'good kid.' i am actually older than stephanie, by a little over a month. but i'm a 'good kid' to her. i have grown to expect that.

i guess that's about all that happened in columbus. i emailed jim back last night, finally. i kept it short and sweet, and i didn't pose any new questions. if he wants to email me again, he's going to have to come up with his own new subjects. i'm not going to be rude, but i'm not making this easy for him either.

i haven't started either of my jobs yet. grocery store starts later tonight, and internship starts on monday. i think i better go now becuase they'll be home soon.

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Ya thanx I should do ok on my exams if I study, and ya they do suck! But oh well next year I finally grad so its all good. Alright well ttyl, ciao

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