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one way i should not come out of the closet...
i just had the worst ever idea. i know how i could come out of the closet and make a mess... i'd just have to buy a book for parents of gay children, like 'what to do if your son or daughter is gay,' wrap it up, and give it to my parents for christmas... i can just imagine... me and my brother and my sister and my parents and my grandparents, all sitting around the christmas tree, with carols playing and a fire in the fireplace, and then they open that present... yeah, that would kill the mood. my dad would shut off the music, saying, 'let's talk about this,' and my brother would start teasing, 'debbie is a lesbian, debbie is a lesbian,' and my grandfather would roar, 'dykes and fags are sinners! please debbie, let jesus save you...' my grandmother would turn into a nervous wreck, all fluttery, saying, 'oh my, oh my, oh my,' and my mom would probably stand up and try to calm people down... yeah, that would be terrible, and i'm not stupid enough to do it...

but do you think it would be a bad way to come out of the closet, if i did it at a more appropriate time? like, we have christmas with my dad's parents at home, and then we go have christmas with my mom's family, and then we come back here new year's eve. if i stuck around for a little, instead of going straight back to school, i could catch them at a good time... the stress of the holiday season would be gone, but they wouldn't be busy with school or work yet... and i could just say, 'here's a late christmas present.' i'd wait til jake was engrossed in my ps2, and fly's out somewhere, and just do it. that way i'm coming out, but they're doing all the work. i don't have to find the nerve to say 'i'm gay.' i just have to give them a wrapped box. they open it, and they figure it out.

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That's a plausible idea. Good luck with whatever you choose to do.
I've come out to most people except my parents. I'm thinking of ways to do it. Unfortunately the only thing I can come up with is to kill myself and then tell them through a letter. not much use obviously.

Ollz San

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