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i hate
i hate the world. i hate i hate i hate. i hate internships. i hate having to sit in one place all day. i hate having to be a mature grownup. i hate that its not easy for me to be a mature grownup. i hate computers. i hate engineering. i hate javascript. i hate html. i hate c++. i hate programming. i hate my grades. i hate myself becuase they are my fault. i hate cheerful music becuase all i want to hear is the mad at the world stuff and even the hard rock stations are playing nice slow stairway to heaven and cheerful ac/dc proclaiming 'ive got big balls.' stupid fuckers theres nothing to be cheerful about. i hate my miserable internship. i hate this. i hate i hate i HATE.

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Hate is such a powerful word...

...and yet we use it every day. I wonder if any of us has the power to wield it. I wonder if it should be used at all.

Sometimes I think the things we hate most in others are the things we fear most in ourselves.

Just a few philosophical ramblings...


i may fear it in myself, but i'll be damned if i don't hate it too.

I don't disagree. I've just spent an evening with a bunch of people I hate and come out of it full of violent thoughts.

I don't pretend to be any different to anyone else. Hate eats at me just like it eats at others. I just wonder if there's some better use for it...

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