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(no subject)
and before i sleep, today's good thing:
that final i took... i decided not to study for it, since i was only aiming for a 52%. i got lost, came in late, and wound up sitting in the front row. i did everything i knew how to do, added up the points, and i had a 40%. i started trying to figure out the other stuff, but i don't really have a very good attention span when it comes to things like that, so after a little bit, i started fidgeting around. i was reading the periodic table on the wall, and then i was playing with my feet. i stretched my legs out, until my toes were perfectly even with a line in the floor. then i stretched my legs a little farther, walking out my feet until they were even with the next parallel line. and then i stretched a little more... i was nearly vertical when i noticed that the professor was looking at me funny. i sat up straight real fast, and turned my attention back to the exam. two seconds later, the dude comes over, sits down in the empty chair next to me, and asks, 'are you having problems with anything?'
i'm having a lot of problems with the problem in front of me-i'm so lost that i've not come up with a single thing to write on it. but i also have a real question that i can ask him, so i just say, 'well i'm way too lost on this one, but i do have a question,' and i go to flip to the page where my question is.
he stops me and says (with numerical answers in place of all the 'this's), 'but wait, you know how to get started on this one. look, this V is this, so you know that the transistor does this and makes this this and then you know that this is this and this is this, right?'
well, i didn't know any of that before, but now that he's said it, i guess i do... he just gave me the answers to 2 parts of the 4-part question...
and then he asks, 'so what was your other question?'
it was a 5-part question. i got parts one and two, and i knew that part 5 was the sum of the first 4 parts, but i didn't know how to find the other two parts. my question was, 'will i get credit for writing that 5 is the sum of the 4, or would i better off filling in numerical answers, even if they're wrong?'
his answer: 'you know how to do those two parts, though, right? this is this and this is this and this is this and this...'
yeah, he answered those two for me too. i think i got that 52%, no problem. in fact, with any luck, i might have pulled off a b+ or an a-.
when i turned in my exam, he smiled and wished me a happy holiday, and i feel a little guilty, like maybe i should have attended that class once in a while... but not guilty enough to stop me from being happy about the way that test went...