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(no subject)
the gay report:

g is not on the schedule for next week. she's not quite so bad that jane has reason to fire her, but she's not good enough to deserve hours. i think it sucks. if i made the schedule, i'd give g hours... but i know that i'd only do it because i like her, and i only like her because she's gay, and it's probably a good thing that i don't make the schedule.

marie came in today. she was with kyle... i gave her some of my cashews and asked her how her birthday was and i was only moderately jealous of kyle. part of the reason for this is that tomorrow night, i know i'll probably get her and alyssa to myself for a while, and then wednesday night, marie and i close together, and the only other office person there will be terrie. i like terrie, and i really like marie... it should be a good night.

terrie wasn't there today... but i got in trouble for something she did. sort of.
tuesday, i covered for a cashier. terrie was coordinator, and she asked me to get carts. normally, i don't mind getting carts, especially if it's not hot outside (which it definitely wasn't). but i hadn't brought my gloves, because i hadn't expected to be getting carts, and in the winter, my hands are borderline numb when i'm inside. i made terrie touch my hands, and then i told her that i didn't want to get carts without gloves. she got really worried when she felt my hands. (marie is the only one who's used to them.) she went to the lost and found, and looked for some gloves in there, but there weren't any. so she went to the shelf, found a pair of gloves that wasn't attatched to themselves, handed them to me, and said, 'here, wear these.'
to me, this seemed slightly wrong... but terrie said to use them, and i know better than to argue with her. one of the gloves was held shut by one of those plastic pieces. i didn't want to break it apart (we had to sell these things when i was done with them...) so i tied it around my hand, and i put my other hand in the other glove, and i got carts. when i came back in, i put the gloves back where terrie got them, and then i went back on register.

so tonight, i'm closing in the office with kelly, and ann calls me upstairs. she tells me, 'don't worry. you're not in trouble.'
this makes me worry. when i'm really not in trouble, she doesn't tell me that i'm not in trouble. she just says whatever she wants to say, and i know that i'm not in trouble. so far, every time she's told me that i'm not in trouble, i've been in trouble.
i go up there, and she's holding the gloves. she asks, 'you didn't wear these gloves to get carts, did you?'
i realize that i have to make a decision. i can either blame this on terrie, or i can leave terrie entirely out of it...
i would never take gloves off the shelf and wear them outside... i only did it because terrie told me to do it. in fact, if it had been anybody but terrie, i probably would have argued... but terrie is gay. i like terrie... i decide to leave her out of it.
i tell ann i did. she sighs and says, 'good lord debbie, don't do that again! if you need gloves for carts, let me know and i'll get you some of the gloves that the frozen guys wear. do you know how lucky you are?'
i don't, so she tells me. evidently, the security guy saw me putting the gloves back on the shelf. he immediately went over and picked them up, and discovered that they were cold. he brought them straight upstairs to the managers' office, and he was all anal and wanted to get me off my register, right now, so we could talk about it. ann told him that he was overreacting, and that i had probably just found the gloves in a cart. she took the gloves from him and promised to ask me about it when i was free. she says if he had seen me taking the gloves outside, instead of bringing them in, i would have been fired 4 days ago. in fact, if he had got me upstairs, and i had admitted to wearing them, i would have been fired.
i mumble lamely, 'i left the tags on...' like i think that makes it ok, or something.
she sighs and says, 'i know. and i know that we will put these back on the shelf, and nobody will be able to look at them and tell that you used them once, for getting carts... but it's the principle of the thing, you understand?'
'yeah, i'm sorry,' i tell her.
'it's ok. just don't do it again.'
i go to leave, and she adds, 'debbie, this is just between you and me, ok? if anybody else asks, you found these gloves outside, while you were getting carts, and you put them back on the shelf.'
i nod, and thank her, and i go back downstairs.
(a) that was really nice of ann. everybody says she's an awful manager, and she doesn't care about people, but i think she was pretty cool about that.
(b) fucking terrie... why do i always listen to her?

good thing of the day:
i learned some hindi. i can now say:
hi, hottie! (to a girl)
what's going on?
that girl/guy is hot.
give me a few more weeks, and i'll be able to have lots of fun driving marie crazy by talking about her to rashid in a language she can't understand...

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she's not quite so bad that jane has reason to fire her, but she's not good enough to deserve hours.

About half of the delivery drivers at the pizzeria where I work are in this position as well.

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