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the 'right now' mentality strikes again...
i showered and got ready for bed and all that good stuff, and then it was time to study... i can't study. i suck at that. if i have a concrete task, i can usually make myself sit down and do it... like, i can force myself to get through a sample final, or to make a formula sheet. but 'studying' is so abstract... it's really hard for me to concentrate on doing something when i'm not even sure what it is that i'm doing.

so, i decide, i will go to bed now, becuase if i were well-rested, this 'studying' thing would be easier. i'll set my alarm to ring two and a half hours before the exam, which will give me one and a half hours to study.

of course, i know that tomorrow, when the alarm rings, i will look at the clock and realize that i can either get up and study, or i can sleep for 1.5 hours. i estimate that there's a 95% chance that i'll decide to go back to sleep... but i'll worry about that tomorrow morning, right? tonight, i'm not making a bad decision. sleep is good. i'll study tomorrow.