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(no subject)
today's good thing: at work, i had a conversation with terrie (the perfect lesbian) that involved christine (the perfect person). could it get any better than that?

i'm a dork. seriously, this conversation was the highlight of my entire day... it was better than getting the t.a.t.u. cd... it was better than seeing marie...
i was on u-scan, and anthony was talking to me, and asking where i'm going to live next year, now that i can't live with marie. i told him not with molly, and then terrie walked up. he asked why, and i told him, 'that just wouldn't work out. me and molly cannot live together any more than we have to.'
terrie asks, 'awww, you and molly aren't getting along?'
'no way,' i exclaim, 'she hates me!!!'
anthony asks terrie, 'so are you still living with christine?'
terrie laughs and says, echoing my infliction, 'no way! she hates me!!!'
we all laugh, and then terrie adds, 'it's ok, though, because i hate her too.'
i add, 'yeah, this time, me too.' and then i quickly correct, 'not christine. i don't hate her! i mean i hate molly.'
terrie says, 'i figured that's what you meant... why, what'd molly do? did you guys just grow apart?'
i would love to sit down and have a real conversation with terrie, and tell her everything molly did... but i know that she doesn't want to listen that long, so i sum it up for her: 'she's evil.'
terrie laughs and says, 'yeah, she is, a little bit, isn't she?'
and then she walks away, because terrie's always moving, and that was the entire conversation. but i'm floating... somebody said 'christine!' i talked to terrie!

and then my mind starts running wild... i work with terrie and marie tomorrow night, and i imagine continuing that conversation... i'll tell her how molly leaves messes everywhere, and she'll say that christine did too (because i've heard her complain about that before, when they still lived together). she'll be impressed that i'm just like her, and that i don't like slobs, and she'll think about it... and then she'll tell me that she and her girlfriend are living in an apartment with a finished basement, and if i need a place to stay for a year, i could live there, and we could split the rent three ways... and i'd end up doing that, and since i'm in the basement, i would be separate from them, and i wouldn't interfere... but i'd get to see a real live lesbian relationship, first hand. maybe when they go to lesbian places, they would take me with them, just to show me what it's like. and maybe when they have lesbian conversations, they could include me, or let me listen. i bet if i lived with terrie for a year, i could become a real good lesbian...
of course, i know that's not realistic. i think terrie's girlfriend has a house, not an apartment. terrie's girlfriend has seen me once in her life (but she did call me 'hon' on the phone once...). and just because terrie talked to me for 5 seconds doesn't mean that she wants to adopt me... but damn, that's a neat thing to think about...

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heheh. Remind me that I have to tell you my story about purchasing the tatu CD...well not that the story was that amazing or great, but it made me think of you because of what we were talking about before about buying stuff...anyway i would type it now but i really have to go to bed, so tomorrow...

P.S. I ALWAYS have those long and totally unrealistic imaginary conversation things, where I imagine perfectly what I and the other person would say, and how a magical situation would work out...(there was even one classic one where SGG just happened to turn out to be looking for a place to live, and I just happened to offer my extra bedroom, all in the interest of a financial situation for us both of course...I'm so over SGG now though, so whatev) but then of course these convos never even come close to happening in real life

yeah, i do that ALL the time, and it NEVER works out how i decided it should... even when the other person says exactly what i imagined them saying, i get so amazed (i'm actually having the conversation that i planned out in my mind!) that i mess up my part.
one time, for like a month straight, i imagined myself having this conversation with christine. she'd ask me if i drank, and my reply would be, 'no, but i'm not morally opposed to it or anything.' then the conversation went on, and i think usually, i wound up coming out of the closet, or something equally exciting, but the key was always that i answered with that phrase... and then one day, christine actually asked me if i drank, and i got all nervous and said, 'uhhh... ummm... i dunno...'
boy was i mad at myself for that one...

did you try putting the tatu cd in your computer (do you have a computer?) it's supposed to be this enhanced cd, and i was all excited about watching 'behind the scenes' of their music video, but it doesn't seem to work on my computer. i get the sound, but there's just one picture the whole time, with a big empty white block in the middle of it... did it work for you?

Hey, the same exact thing happened to me, but I thought it was just my dumbass computer!!! Like, you could hear the sound, but the picture was just a grey box...maybe there's something wrong with the CD and we should sue them for emotional damages!! (or more likely, our computers just suck and don't meet the specifications... :-p)
gotta go, more later :)

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