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that tatu cd...
so i was all excited about getting a cd made by two gay girls, right? i had heard people say it was only an act, but they're kissing in their first music video... that's good enough for me. then i find out that track 7 is about being in love with a gay boy. lesbians don't fall in love with boys!
it's still a good cd... but it's not quite as good as it was yesterday.

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You just need to find the right gay boy...hehehe jk seriously though...I've thought gay boys were cute before, and I'm totally a lesbian...I mean, I wouldn't actually get with them or anything (not like I even could if I wanted to...), but it's totally different from straight boys, it's not even close to the same thing. I used to think I had this "gaydar" with men because if I ever thought a guy was cute at all...well gay. It's not like it happened that often though, maybe like twice in my life, and not seriously...but anwyay so I didn't think the song was that bad, I sort of related to it a little...

yeah, it really wasn't that bad... it's just that the first time i listened to it, 'malchik gay' blended together, and i didn't recognize 'gay' as a part of it... so i thought 'malchikgay' was a russian word for 'straight girl,' or something of the sort... i thought the song was about falling in love with a straight girl, and i related to it a whole lot, because i know just what it's like to fall for a straight girl...
then i looked at the lyrics, and got all confused, wondering why 'gay' was used to describe a straight girl, and then i asked my russian friend what 'malchik' means, and she said 'boy'... it was a lot more disappointing that way than it would have been if i had known from the start that they were only singing about a gay boy, you know?

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