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(no subject)
ok, i need to pack because i'm going home tomorrow, after work. i also need to sleep, becuase i have to be wide awake enough to drive at 1 a.m. tomorrow night... and usually by then, i'm starting to drag.

i just want to share, though, that today was miserable. i got half my grades (they're BAD), my parents believed a lie i told them, and it made me feel crazy guilty, and i accidentally wore two different shoes, one of which was quite a bit taller than the other. AND marie drove me absolutely insane. i actually got so mad at her that i got all snippy and 'copped an attitude' and made her really mad... i didn't care, because she deserved it, i think... i don't know, really. sometime when i have some spare time, i'm going to sit down and just write out exactly what she does that bothers me, and then everybody in lj land can provide me with objective viewpoints.

anyway, she got over it, and i forgave her because i wanted a hug, and she won't hug me when i'm mad at her... she hugged me and called me her little debbie, and she teased me. we played and we wrestled and then we had a real gay conversation, when tasha left the two of us alone... i like gay conversations.

i might go into more detail later. i need to pack and sleep.