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oh what a beautiful morning...
at 1:15, marie called and woke me up. we talked for an hour, about nothing and everything. we touched on christine and rice girl...
marie's mom went on a date last night, and so we started talking about weddings, and i said i didn't think i could ever get married because i didn't think anybody would want to marry me who i wanted to marry. she said, 'some girl will marry you, someday.'
i said, 'but not here.'
she said, 'no, you can go to las vegas.'
i asked, 'do i have to wear a dress?'
'no, she can wear the dress, and you can be the man of the relationship.'
'but i don't want to be a boy.'
'then you can wear the dress.'
'i don't want to wear a dress. i want to wear my nikes.'
'well then fuck traditional roles. you can both wear pants and have a real casual wedding. just make sure you wear two of the same shoes, so you're not crooked.'
'i will! i'm only stupid once... so we can both wear pants?'
'sure, why not? she can be the boy, and you can just be the boyish girl.'
'and some girl, someday, would want to do that?'
'i'm sure there's some girl who would want to do that, and i bet you'd find her a lot faster if you'd stop pretending to be straight.'
'and if not,' she adds, 'maybe you'll get lucky, and that girl will have a name like sam, or alex, or bobbie, and you can keep on lying to your parents.'
i laugh, and we move on to the next topic.

ahhh, but what a good way to start the day. this is why marie is a good thing... what a happy gay conversation!

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I would marry you in vegas with both of us in pants...except we can't get married because we're both afraid of bugs (even though I never found out what the bug incident was, I assume it was bad, and therefore fear what would happen if we were in a house with bugs or something...)

you remind me so much of my girl, it's not even funny. don't worry about the stereotypes, sometimes it's better not to fit into them. it makes you more interesting. :)
my girl is definitely the more feminine of the two of us (appearance anyway) and we share clothes. it's like that george michael song (i can't believe i'm quoting george michael)..."sometimes the clothes do not make the man"...
anyway...don't fret little lion. :)

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