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this is not a journal entry. it just wishes it could be one.
i have something to say! and i don't have the time to say it, because my mom will be home in 5 minutes, and she'll be all chattering away, and asking what i'm doing...

holly. that's what i want to talk about. i was reading tragic_4's old entries (i didn't like that she was learning all this stuff about me and i still knew nothing about her, so i decided to play stalker :-) and i learned a new word. friendcrush. that's what holly was. that's why holly was different. auuurgh i want to write this entry headlights bye.

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Haha don't even try to reach my masterful level of stalkerness, it can't be done! I've actually started trying to copy your old entries into word files so I can read them when I'm not online...I wasn't gonna say anything because I thought people might think it was creepy and stalkerish, but it's really only because I can't be online so much at my parents' house. But yeah, now that you're trying to be all cool like me I just wanted to say that reaching my level of coolness just can't be done. Or something.

But yeah, I had sort of forgotten about the whole friendcrush thing...maybe I should revisit it. I can't decide if it really is this wonderful unique concept, or if they are just normal crushes stripped of most of their usual sexual elements by my general sexual immaturity...so in any case I'll be waiting to hear your take on it with the whole Holly thing...

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