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hmmm... not much going on here. if you haven't figured out why i'm writing so much so often all of a sudden, it's becuase my parents went out of town for the weekend with my siblings, leaving me alone. i went grocery shopping friday for food to last me through the weekend, and i got oatmeal creme pies, combos, doritos, string cheese, handisnacks, and lunchables. and i stopped at mcdonalds and bought 5 cheeseburgers, to reheat when necessary. i am such a healthy eater. i don't know what i'm going to eat next year, when i live off campus. if i keep this up, i might actually gain some weight.

holly was supposed to work with me today, but she ended up switching shifts with jennifer. i think not seeing holly might be for the best. if i see her too much, i'll start thinking about her, and i'll drive myself crazy, like i did with christine. the way it is now, i just sit around missing christine, which is way better than being frustrated over holly. all next week, my shifts never overlap holly's either.

katie came home this weekend and i went over there after work. with my family being gone, it was the first time i had seen a human being outside of a work environment in... well 2 days. but it seems like a lot longer. it sucks being alone. i guess i like the freedom of it (being able to write in here whenever i want, not having to wait my turn for the shower in the morning, not fighting over the good cereal when there's hardly any left) but i don't think i could ever live alone. it's so lonely, coming home to an empty house... and it's only been 2 days. i didn't know i was such a people person. maybe i'm just tired. yeah, that's it... so i'm going to bed now. g'night.


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