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(no subject)
at work today, marie was there for the first hour. she was insanely bitter. she gets all bent out of shape about the littlest things... like, i get upset when marie does anything that i think is even slightly unfair, but it's only her. if she takes a break, but never makes time for me to have one, i'm mad at her for the rest of the night. with the rest of the world, i'm pretty laid-back, and if i don't get my break, i don't really care. marie gets upset when anybody does anything that she thinks is even slightly unfair, which i think is ironic, since she does the exact same things to me, and then thinks i'm dumb for getting upset. but anyway, it's been two whole days in a row that marie's had to work without a break, and she hates the world by the time i show up, so i don't really talk to her much... but i do see that she has her koosh ball, and while she runs rashid a break on self-check, she tosses it up and catches it, and i feel special. :-)

when she leaves, jane says, 'so, i heard you like to play with clay...'
i ask, 'how did you know that? did marie tell you?'
she says, 'yeah... marie has a big mouth. she told everybody about her entire night last night.'
after a few more hours, i discover that everybody at work knows what i did last night. this isn't bad... i mean, it's not like i care that they know that i made a pop-tart out of clay... i just think it's a little strange. they know where i went christmas shopping, and who i bought presents for, and what i got them, and what marie got me and what i got her, and they know that i went to jeffy's afterwards... if marie is talking about this stuff, does it mean that she likes me, and she wants everybody to know that she had a good time with me, the same way she's always bragging when she gets to talk to kyle, or when she gets to visit kyle? or does it just mean that she likes to talk, and since this was the most recent thing she had done, it's what she decided to talk about?

rashid taught me how to say 'rashid thinks' and 'terrie thinks' (they're different, since one is a boy and one is a girl.) so now, i can take any combination of names, and say, in hindi, 'so-and-so thinks that so-and-so is hot.' this turns out to be a very useful sentence, and it keeps the two of us entertained for the rest of the night.