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well, christmas happened. merry late christmas to everybody out there.

i don't really have much to say about my christmas. it was cool. nikki came over, and we did a gift exchange. katie wasn't home because she's a few hundred miles away, with her boyfriend, but nikki and i got a gift for katie's family, and we brought it down there tonight, and talked to the family, and played board games for a while. i got a new lego train for christmas, which i think is super cool! it runs on the same track as my old one, so i can use the switch track to give them separate loops, or to let them pass each other, and run them both at once. my brother got me max payne for my ps2, and my sister got me the like mike dvd. i got a few other small lego sets, and i got a stuffed snoopy, and a peanuts monopoly game. my little sister got make-up and clothes and purses... i am such a 7-year-old...

i do have a minor complaint... my sister told me that my mom was getting my dad a dvd player for christmas. so, when i went shopping with marie, i bought my dad a jimi hendrix dvd, because he likes jimi hendrix... today, we discovered that it was a lie! my mom got jake a dvd player! she wanted him to get one that he would like, though, so she lied to him, and told him that she was buying one for my dad, and she asked jake to help pick it out. jake was pretty surprised when he opened the dvd player. he thought my mom had put the wrong tag on it. me and fly were pretty surprised too... but it was my dad's turn to be surprised when he started opening presents, and discovered that my present to him was a jimi hendrix dvd... and fly's gift to him was the matrix dvd... and jake's present to him was the lotr dvd... they were all dvds that he would like to watch, but that sure is a lot of dvds for a guy who doesn't even own a dvd player...