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(no subject)
did i say i was going to bed? oops. i meant to. but i thought maybe i should answer jim's email first. so i wrote an reply real fast, just like i would to anybody else. but then i read it over, and it seemed a little too friendly. i would be ok sending it to molly or someone becuase i know she's not going to be looking for deeper meaning. but i'm afraid jim might try to read too much into it and get the wrong idea. so i scratched that and wrote another one, being careful to put nothing that could be misinterpreted. and then i read it over and it seems rude and harsh. i wouldn't want to get an email like that from anyone, even if i didn't like them. i get rid of it and try again for something in the middle, and i just can't do it. why can't jim be a girl?? i would like this situation soooo much better if he was... so now that i've wasted an hour and still haven't sent jim a thing, i'm really going to bed. i have to work early tomorrow (7-3), so maybe i'll send him one when i get home. i dont know what to say to him!