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(no subject)
my mom and i had this big conversation about my future (the getting-a-real-job part of it), and it's a mess. i want to write about it, but they're in the next room, watching lotr, and i'm afraid that i'll get the whole thing written, and one of them will get up, and i'll have to close the window and all those words will go to waste.

so i won't write it. maybe later tonight, if they go to bed early, i'll get back on and talk about it. if not, i'm leaving early tomorrow morning to visit my grandparents. i'll be back new years eve or new years day. see ya then.

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the beauty of minimizing windows...
have fun on your trip.

they notice. they're stalkers too. if they see me minimize a window when they walk by, even if it's just something almost innocent, like an e-mail to jim, they'll come running over, asking, 'oh, so now you have to hide windows when i walk by? what's the big secret? what's so bad that you can't let me see it?'
closing windows is the only solution. they might notice, but they can't bring that window back. and they're not so stalkerish that they'll shove me out of my chair and check the history. every time i leave that chair, i delete all incriminating links from the history.

thanks. by the time i get back, i might be half turned into you. i'll probably have read your book and bought your game, and i'll feel like a stalker. or not a stalker, exactly, but something odd like that...

slobber slobber</i>

all about stalking.

You get used to the stalker thing, it's not so bad. :-p Actually, it's quite different from the *scary* meaning of the word "stalker" (because I've actually had one of those once, long story which didn't turn out bad but it could have, and it's not cool). But the kind that I am, and that you are (and that you were even before this, you have to admit - breaking into people's emails and stuff? hmm?) is actually a cool kind of stalking. I swear there has to be another word, because sometimes when I mention something to someone about "stalking" they get all weirded out and I have to explain...but my best friend J (the platonic best friend from high school) and I have stuff like that all the time, "obsessions" and people we "stalk." It's more just being innocently interested in people than "stalking", and maybe having some fun with it. Have you ever seen the movie "Amelie"??? If not, that's another thing you should do to half turn into me, and it's a perfect example of "good stalking," and I swear the person who made it must have had half of J and I's brains. :) After seeing it, she actually implemented the scavenger hunt thing in the movie in real life for a guy she had a crush on...I don't think it turned out exactly like the movie did, but oh yes she is hardcore. Technically, it's all sort of a form of "stalking" I guess, but it's not bad stalking. They should really make a different word for it.

Oh, and I wanted to make sure to tell you - I hope you like the book, but if you don't, I won't get offended (it's just a book, and after all, I didn't write it), so you don't have to pretend and say you liked it if you really hated it or something. It's much more interesting to get an actual honest opinion. :)

I hate the talks with my parents about a real job.. i have worked on and off and not have a clue what a real job is.. i own a house so i have to work but its at something i am not happy with... i hope the talk was better then what i get...

hope you have a good trip.. have fun with the grandparents.. hope to talk soon.. smiles

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