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(no subject)
if there was such a thing as a cashier's pet, i would be one. they have me bagging becuase they didn't need any more cashiers, and i didn't care at all. in fact, i kinda like bagging because you get to move around more. but it's freaky-all the older cashiers keep telling me how great i am. i'm going to get a big head. today, one of them said 'oh i'm sooo glad you're here, i just love it when you are one of the baggers!' and another one tells me every few minutes 'you do such a good job. it's too bad the rest of them aren't like you.' the problem is that they're comparing me to a bunch of lazy 14 and 15 year olds who are working becuase they want the money. i am 20 (which hopefully makes me slightly more mature) and am working just for the hell of it. if i wanted to be lazy, i would sit at home and be lazy. anyway, so all that is leading up to this: last night i was bagging for this lady, martha. she's a fairly new cashier, and she didn't know the number for garlic. she went to look it up, but couldn't find the sheet. so she starts to leave her register to go find a sheet. i don't want to seem like a showoff, so i usually just keep my mouth shut when i know a number the cashier doesn't, but there's a long line, so i just tell her 'it's 4608.' she thanks me and asks how i know that, and i tell her that i was a cashier here and at school, but when i came back for the summer, they didn't need any more cashiers, so i'm just bagging. she looks terribly upset by this. i tell her it's no big deal; i don't mind at all. later, her coupon tape runs out and i show her how to replace it. so i think nothing of all this, and go home. but then today, i go into work, and molly and codi (assistant to molly) come find me almost immediately. they tell me that next time i work, they're going to have the coordinator keep an eye on me so she can help me if i've forgotten anything, and they're going to put me on register. and they apologize for having me bag for so long (it's only been a week!) and tell me that i'm doing an excellent job. i am pretty shocked, but i manage to say 'i don't mind bagging.' they say that's great, and they'll keep that in mind if they're ever desperate for a bagger, but martha talked to them this morning, and said told them that there's 'not a cashier in this place that wouldn't say loser is the best worker you've got here' and that it's not fair that i have to bag, and they agree wholeheartedly, so they're doing something about it. god, it's not like i'm cleaning toilets or something! i didn't know bagging was such an awful job... and then i'm bagging for martha, and she whispers 'i put in a good word for you, and i think they're going to let you run register soon.' i laugh and tell her yeah they told me, and i thank her becuase it seems to be the appropriate thing to do. i appreciate the good intentions, even if i don't really care one way or the other about the results of them. it's too bad, really. i was actually enjoying the time i got out on the lot getting carts-it's practically the only time i ever get to see the sun.

i guess not much else is happening. mcdonalds cheeseburgers get kind of disgusting after a while. the buns are hard. after 48 hours, i guess that's to be expected.

i still haven't worked with holly. i keep working with ashley though, and she seems to like me just fine, so if holly's got any deep-seated hatred towards me, it evidently hasn't rubbed off on her best friend.

ok, that rock-hard cheeseburger just didn't cut it. i'm going to go find something real to eat. be back later.