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more random things
i forgot to pay the rent. it was due the first of the month and i remembered on the 2nd. i was going to go to the office and pay it, but before i could, molly sent me an instant message. it was the first time i had any contact with her since she worked for the last time, almost a month ago. she asked if i payed the rent. i told her i forgot, and i was going to do it now, and then i asked if she payed her half already, or if she wanted me to bring it. she said she already paid both halves. i thanked her and told her i'd pay it next month, and she said ok. that was it. we're being civil on instant messanger... i'm not hoping for miracles or anything, but it'd be nice to stop avoiding her. it'd be nice if she'd at least say 'hi' to me when we pass in the hallway. and this is a start, right?

the schedule for next week is up. g is back on the schedule! i don't understand why, and i don't think it will last very long, since that girl never showed up for work on time, but i'm glad she's back anyway.
now that alyssa is in the office, doing the exact same thing as me and marie, marie and i work together a little bit more... and we have days off together. we each only have 4 days next week (that's fine with me), and we both have off sunday and wednesday. saturday, when i get off work, marie comes in. i'm going shopping, and i asked nikki if she wanted to come with me. she might. then i'm hoping i'll be able to do something with marie sunday, before we go back to school... but i think instead of just hoping for her to call, i should suggest it. tomorrow, my goal is to mention it to her in our overlap, like, 'since tomorrow is the last free day before school starts, we should do something to celebrate.' and if she appears receptive, i can tell her that i got a gift card to don pablos, and we can go eat. it's right next to the movie theater, so maybe we can see a movie while we're there. now i just have to suggest it... then maybe wednesday, i can do something with her too. i'm going to do homework and play video games, and if she calls and wants to do something, i will. otherwise, i'll just chill here. saturday is my other day off (marie works), and i'm going to talk to alana in class, and see if she and extra are free then, and maybe we can do something during the day. see, i'm not waiting for other people to invite me places any more. i will have a social life, even if i have to make one for myself.

ok, i have to go to work now. more to come later.