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(no subject)
i went back to udf today. before i could even get to susan, i was mobbed by the other workers... alan screamed my name, and told me that he was so glad i was coming back, because he was sick of doing the grocery orders. when rachel saw me, she ran up to me and gave me a big hug. she said, 'i'm so glad to see you! ever since you left, the shelves and the cooler have been a mess! nobody else puts stuff away where it goes!' even arlene gave me a big smile, and told me she was thrilled that i was coming back. i felt like a celebrity... but it was a bad thing. i made it to the back to talk to susan, and she said she'd put me on the schedule for the 14th, and from then on, i'd work tuesday nights...
i am worried that quitting this job will not be as easy as i had anticipated... with a welcome like that, i'd feel guilty quitting on them any time soon... but by tax season, i really think i need to quit. i guess i'll wait, and see how classes go.

jane had today off, but i wrote my new availability in the book. i put that i need tuesdays off, and that i only want to work 4 days a week. hopefully, that will be ok.

i spent most of my christmas money online today. i ordered legos (one of the sets has lego groceries! like, there's a lego banana! how cool is that?), a new pair of nike shox, and 4 cases of kars sweet 'n' salty mix(that stuff is the greatest!). i went to order my ddr pads, too, but it didn't list ddrmax as a compatible game, so i sent them an e-mail and asked them. they haven't answered yet.

i went to work. kiera was the night cashier tonight, and she told us that she can't work tomorrow night. that means one of the office closers will have to do it... jane and marie close. marie will probably wind up doing it. does that make it less likely that i'll be able to see her on sunday? do you think she'll call me in the middle of the night, and ask me to come visit her at the store? maybe if she does, i can convince her to wake up at a decent time on sunday, and do something with me... i'm being obsessive, aren't i?

it looks like osu lost the fiesta bowl... i hope nobody sets our dumpster on fire.

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hahaha you emailed the DDR people. :) I don't see why the pads wouldn't be compatible (it's probably just not listed since it's new) but don't take my word for that.

it looks like osu lost the fiesta bowl
maybe that's why I just heard my dad stomping around in the other room...hm

edit: psych! I just went out there and he said it's in 2nd overtime...anything can happen! ooo

boy do i feel dumb...

i bet your dad's happy...

Re: boy do i feel dumb...

I'm sure, but he probably stopped being happy about four hours later when he had to wake up at 5 in the morning to go to the airport to take my grandmother home...mheh

ah, I just looked up the songlist for DDRmax and it has a lot of songs I don't have...some crazy sounding names too
I think I should go to bed now.

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