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(no subject)
long long long long day. but can i skip that and say right now, real fast? i am stupid, and i couldn't say anything to marie about seeing me tomorrow. so i figured i'd go back later tonight, to talk to her and try again. i am also stupid because i'm scared of calling nikki because she has an away message up that says she's relaxing, and what if that means i shouldn't interrupt her relaxation? i am good, though, because i started a conversation with alana, and i think now i'm going to hang out with her and extra tonight. which is also stupid, from another angle, because it means that unless marie stays to be the night cashier, i probably won't get the chance to talk to her tonight, and i probably won't get to see her tomorrow. yeah, so i guess i'm going over there now. i'll be back later tonight to decide whether or not i'm happy about this.