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i have to get ready for school, but this is too good not to share! marie just called and woke me up.... because last night, she had a conversation with her mom. i guess things are getting serious with her mom and the boyfriend, and marie said something about how she was just getting to be a burden, and it seemed like it'd be better for her mom if she just moved out. and marie's mom answered, 'we'll have to sit down and talk about it sometime, but i've been thinking that too. i think that if you're careful, and if you do end up getting kelly's position, that might be the best thing for both of us.'
so basically, her mom said that when marie starts making more money, she can move out.
the getting kelly's position part of that is iffy... but marie said that she's going to wait and see how that turns out. and if kelly doesn't get the transfer, she'll start applying for that same position at other stores in the area. and if that doesn't work, she's willing to quit this job and get a completely different job. she has a friend who makes $10/hr, and he could get her a job with him. i told her to get a job waitressing, because nikki averages at least $12/hr. either way, she can make more money. she can move out! i can live with marie! this could work!!!
(my hopes are now sky high, so this had better work out...)