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i am zombie
did i really say i could never live alone? i lied. i sure could. this is nice. i come and go as i please. i get online when i want. i leave stuff wherever i want to leave it, and nobody is going to yell at me to come get my stuff off the table so they can eat. i eat what i want, when i want. if i make a mess, i can leave it sit around until i feel like cleaning it up. i haven't taken out the trash since they've left. i haven't put anything where it goes. the place is a mess, and that's how i like it. unfortunately, they're coming home, which means i have to do a lot of cleaning. i also have to wake up tomorrow for my internship. that's a depressing thought. i can't stand another whole week of that. and then another week after that... and then another, and another, and another... i miss christine. i want to go back to columbus and live alone :(. i don't want to clean up. i want to sleep. i want to sleep and wake up in columbus, working with christine, out of the closet, and nobody hating me for it. and then i meet lots of other gay people and live happily ever after. wake up loser, back to reality... i'm tired. must go clean.