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(no subject)
i just got myself a paid account! :-) i've wanted to do that since the day i got a livejournal, but my parents saw all my charge card statements. by the time i got a charge card that they didn't know about, i had forgotten all about the paid accounts... but there's nothing like a little 'free users can't post or comment right now' to motivate me to get a paid account... it's only $25 for a year. why not? i''ll show a little love to lj, for all they do for me...

i slept through 2 classes. my 3rd one is starting right now. if i left, i could make it to maybe 10 minutes of the class, and i could make it to my 4th class too. but that's a lot of walking for one class, especially when i never pay attention in that class, anyway. it'd probably be better to stay here and work on some homework. and if i'm not getting anything accomplished, i can always go in to work early. jane didn't know when my classes were, so she scheduled me at 3. i told her i couldn't come in until 4, but if i showed up at 3, i'm sure they'd let me work.

i think tomorrow (jane doesn't work today), i'm going to go complain to jane about having to work off the clock. it really makes me mad... i wouldn't mind if i clocked out at 11:08, and they made me adjust that down to 11, because it's really not fair for them to have to pay me 15 minutes overtime when, if i had worked 1 minute less, they wouldn't have had to do it. and if i was closing with marie, and we were goofing off, i wouldn't mind adjusting my time either, because i know that i only deserved to get paid for those 8 hours... but when i'm working hard the entire time, and i don't even take a break, i think it's only fair that i get paid for what i'm doing. is that really an unreasonable expectation?